natural colored pencil

natural colored pencil, 2mm-lead, european basswood - 12 colors

Color pencils are ideal tools for children in learning different artistic techniques, such as outlining, hatching, shading etc. Intensity of the color depends on the pressure applied while drawing. The lines by color pencils are difficult to erase. Children often take color pencils in their mouth, so it is very important, that the products do not contain harmful ingredients. Varnishing may contain heavy metals, solvents and plasticizers that can be swallowed. Therefore we use only unvarnished wood in our pencils. Natural wood has a pleasant smell and possess antiseptic properties.

Ingredients: heavy metal concentration far below DIN EN 71-3, grease, wax, cellulose derivatives as binding medium and mineral fillers like talcum or kaolin. Wood sheathing: Californian cedar, not varnished.

ÖKONORM pays a close attention to thorough control over the quality and environmental impact of our products to guarantee healthy and safe products.

13,90 €