all the time (S)
how i love you feels like (S)
i am sure (S)
fuck it (S)
hold you (L)
I Only See You (S)
I Like You I Love You (S)
Basic Relationship Alchemy (S)
Tree Story (L)
Space and Time (S)

All The Time - Handprinted Card

When it comes to that special someone, sometimes words just don't cut it. Time to show them how much you care. (Visual aids help.)

Letter-pressed by hand on archival-quality card stock.

Size: 9 × 12cm (3.5” x 5").

Made in USA

People I’ve Loved is a few individuals longing for connection / a small printmaking workshop based out of San Francisco, California. They specialize in hand-printed & assembled objects.Their works intend to facilitate the communication between real, tactile people. Not that they want to deny people their digital selves, they just think there can be room for both. They tell they are “in search of the miraculous” yet tragic definition of what it means to exist, in this time and space. And feel that they should make time to share it.

6,00 €