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  • Art Print A3 - The Fox - Fannie Faivre

The Fox - Art Print A3

These signed posters come in small series, only 10 pieces per kind is available.

About the Artist:
Fannie Faivre is graduated from Fine Arts in Paris. Her aim is to keep a poetic vision in everything she does. She began as a painter and illustrator, and is using her artistic skills to share a different vision of Art with people through workshops and performances. After creating the Bleu Avant Garde Atelier in Berlin, she moved to south Sweden with her family and keep her artistic side going through different projects.

“I am interested in the process of creation. Whatever the result you have, it’s the emotions you put inside and the way you do it that is important for me. Art is mainly in you, in everything you do”.

Painter, performer, designer
born in France
Currently living in Malmö, Sweden

37,50 €