Pulu Design


Who/what is pulu?

pulu is Finnish and it means a city pigeon.

In addition to this webshop pulu has a little boutique in Malmö,Sweden. Boutique´s address is Mäster Danielsgatan 3, 21158 Malmö (St.Knut´s Torg).

The person behind the scenes in pulu is Marjo Haikonen. She is an industrial designer who originally founded pulu to sell products designed by young designers. The small boutique opened at Punavuorenkatu in Helsinki, Finland, and received a very warm welcome.

pulu is almost like a child to Marjo. pulu is very Marjo-looking and follows her wherever she goes. In 2013 pulu hit the road and moved to Malmö in Sweden. However, pulu will continue its flight also as a webshop and participating in different design fairs!